Selasa, 24 Februari 2015


photographed and styled by Gilang Chandra
muse : M. Akib Aryou
special thanks : Swastati Dipta and Arivina Risa

In the early of this month i make a photoshoot with Akib for the second time. He actually asked me a few months ago that since his hair is already grown, he wants to capture this moment and he let me to concept the shoot whatever i want. Since in the last shoot i made him full of make up , this thime i wanna show his natural and pure side but still in adrogyny mood. 

The concept itself is about hope just like the title. There are two contrast tone colours shown in this shoot, the low saturation-monochrome tone and the high saturation green tone. The low one is representing something that about to fade as you can see with his gloomy expression , and the green leaf with high saturation tone is symbolising a hope. From this photoshoot i wanna say that when something seems to fade you need to hold a hope in yourself to make everything balance, don't lose your faith, believe in something that keeps your hope still there and go along with you.



Okay, Gill.

Sabtu, 07 Februari 2015

le rêve de la nuit dernière

'le rêve de la nuit dernière'
Photographed and styled by Gilang Chandra
Make up by Siti Hayyunas
Muse: Andrea Naomi
Special thanks: Bella Antika Putri and Putri Permata.

Okay, Gill.

Here Comes Naomi

Say hi to Naomi, the new face of this blog!
She's Bella's friend on college, at first i did not expect her to be the face of this blog after Fara, Bella and Lola, but i'm just in love with her classy-rebel face, so, welcome to this blog girl!

Okay, Gill.

Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

g i t a


Inallilahi wa inallilahi Raji'un
My Mom passed away on the last December due of the breast cancer. She's been struggling against this cancer for almost 14years. Mom you were really strong.

I would never-ever think that she would leave this fast. That was like a twist ending for my coming-of-age chapter of my life. When i finally turned 20, when i finally can start to be a mature person , when i finally can make a move to prove her that i can make her proud, she's suddenly gone at my start line. To be honest, this is too fast for me, i always think that i haven't make her proud yet, i used to share and tell my dreams to her, my dream to study aboard, my dream job to be an editor in chief of an art magazine and promise her to buy a lot of things that she loves one day when i reach those dreams. I remember her face when we talked about those dreams, she has that faith for me. I'm sure she understands what i really want, she knows my passion, she believes that i can reach them. 

Thank you Mom for everything. I know it's gonna be hard for me to live my life without you. But at the same time i also know that you're happy in there, 'cause i believe this is the best way for everyone, everything happens for a reason. I will work extra hard to reach those dreams once we talked. I don't want to lose your faith. I love you Mom :)

This is the tribute photo shoot for my Mom. The outfits , the flowers, the tone, the make up, everything are representing my Mom. Flowers means beauty in here, she loves everything beauty and just like the way she looks. Once she asked me to make a photo shoot with lovely colors that not really gloomy and dark, and yes, now i made this specially for you Mom :)

'g  i  t  a'
Photographed and Styled by Gilang Chandra.
Make up bu Siti Hayyunas
Muse : Bella Antika Putri.

Okay, Gill.

The Route

 The Route
Photographed by Gilang Chandra
Make up by Siti Hayyunas
Muse and Stylist : Johan Alfredsson
Special thanks : Noor Binang

Well, i'm so so so so sorry for neglecting this blog for about 4 months! What a long hiatus zzzz
Well i'm gonna explain the reason why i did not post everything recently on the next post, now let me tell you something about this photoshoot.

So, this is Johan, i met him on the set of BOADICEA lookbook photoshoot, he's an exchange college student from Sweden, the BOADICEA team  found him and asked him to be the model of the shoot. That was a really great experience cause he's the very first foreigner that i shot.

After the shoot we talked and finally we agreed to make a photoshot again, but he's gonna style himself for the photoshoot. You should know that he has a really strong personal style that i really amaze from him. What you see in this photoshoot is really describing his personal style which i think like vintage-preppy- and very gentlemen-ish, i really adore his outfits. Ah, and all the suits in this photoshoot he designed them by himself!

The story of this photoshoot is about a guy that traveled but lost in the kind of highroad hahaha, the reason why he lost probably because his car is out of gas or something, i was actually really need a vintage car for the prop of this shoot but hell i cant find one that possible for me. Actually the monochrome pictures are not really get along with the whole shoot but i really love them so i made them as the extras hahaha.

To be honest i really want to print this shoot and bind them like a book and give it to him as gift since i know he would leave Indonesia in weeks, but too bad i was to busy to make it happen and unfortunately he's already gone to Sweden. Well, thank you Johan for your time, i hope we can meet on the other time, it's really nice to meet you :)




Okay, Gill.


 Photographed by Gilang Chandra
Styled by Muhammad Akib Aryou
Make up by Siti Hayyunas
Talents: Anindya Kusuma Putri - Johan Alfredsson
Special Thanks to WI Studio Jogja and Niken Pamitkasih

Okay, Gill.