Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Lost Between Elvis and Suicide

I'm kinda sinking recently, i just dont get the point of whole of this, why i have to be choosen here, as a human. Somehow people cant understanding what i mean, syit.

I just found someone diffrent, he's such a dark side of my lungs, he's here,somewhere around my blood and my lust.

save me


Senin, 16 Mei 2011

Its Just Maybe You're My Wonderwall..

"I said maybe, you're gonna be the one who saves me, and afterall you're my wonderwall."

Its just maybe..

Im in love recently, but its not that simple as i say "i love you" for someone that i really care and love. Its not easy for me to say that to you.
Hey we cant belong together, that's all.
All i can say is, i cant stop starring at your eyes, sounds cheesy huh? Its true, you're light me up. See ya at school.


Boring at home caused the day off, so lets do something insane.

Okay, Gill.