Rabu, 06 Januari 2016



Photographed and styled by Gilang Chandra
Make up Siti Hayyunas

 First of all, happy new year everyone! This is the first post of this year, yeaaaa. Actually i did this photoshoot in October 2015 hahahaha. This photoshoot talks about feelings. You probably can guess  that i got the inspiration from Inside Out movie. Every color represents feeling. The green one is this feeling when people on their good condition or on fit mood. The purple represents the romance feeling that people got when they're like in love with someone. The blue represents the sadness while the red represents anger. And black represents people when they feel lost.

 I can't believe that i've been blogging for 7 years now. I started this blog when i was 15, i was in in my 3rd year at junior high school at that time, and  now, i'm also on my 3rd year on college. And yes, i turned 21 last year! It feels weird 'cause it was so fast, i thought it would take more time til i'm on my legal age. I also have some plans for this year, like do the iternship on a magazine, make a streetstyle account on Instagram and also start the vonline magazine project with some of my friends.  So, wish me luck! I hope that everything will get better this year.

Okay, Gill.