Selasa, 30 September 2014

Come As You Are

'Come As You Are'

Photographed and Styled by Gilang Chandra H.
Muse : Giffachry Bani .
Grooming by Siti Hayyunas.
Body Painting by Yusuf Nugroho.

Oh finally i made a photoshoot with a guy as the main model hahaha. I told you before that i did not really like capture a solo guy photoshoot as my personal project but i think i was wrong :p. Yeah i admit that it's quite fun to explore new things and it's also a good way to improve. 

So a few days a go i made this shoot with Giffarchy Bani or Roby ( i dont know why he decided to put Roby as his nickname) , i actually worked with him before in Alley Photoshoot , but he was an extra at that time , i have to say that he was kinda stiff , it was really hard to direct him at first, but it's fine cause that was his very first photoshoot ever, and five months after that i asked him to make another project with me, this time, he will be the main model and gonna go solo, i thought he would kind of nervous or something but he's improving likeee crazy, i shocked that it was really easy to direct him. I dont know what he's been doing in these 5 months , well, Siti told me that she asked Roby to watch ANTM show , hahaha maybe it explains that,  but anyway, he really did a great job at this shoot, you can compare this shoot with Alley Photoshoot, he's totally different,  i think the camera starts to love him hahaha.

Ah, and this time i asked my classmate, Yusuf Nugroho or Ucup, to make this skeleton tatto around his hands and neck, if you're wondering what tools that we used ,well, just a black marker and drawing pen, he nailed that :p, once again thanks Ucup, and also thanks Binang for lending me your nike sneakers, you know that i love that sneakers.

About the title of this shoot, i put one of my favorite Nirvana's songs : Come As You Are, i don't know this song was running around my head during the shoot, and i think it fits with the atmosphere.
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Senin, 25 Agustus 2014

# #

#  #

Photographed and Styled  by Gilang Chandra H
 Make Up, Hair Do and Hijab Do by Siti Hayyunas

Lola Zieta Azelien
Bella Antika Putri
Faradina Putri

Special thanks for Maharani Ayu Putri

Hey guys! First of all, Happy Eid Mubarak!
 Taqaballahu Minna Waminkum :)
I'm sooo happy right now, cause finally i put all of the holagill's girls together in one photoshoot hahaha.
 It was quite hard at first to gather all the girls cause they got their own schedule and i was a bit confuse what theme that i should make for them, i just wanna make something simple yet fresh. Recently, i'm really into instagram (follow me @gillchandra :p) , i upload picture like almost everyday, then i got a thing from that, i found out that # symbol is really representing our generation right now, people put # to make something hype. 

So i wanna make a photoshoot that shows a look which is representing nowdays girls with that hype style and urban atmosphere. I'm in love with the results, so proud of my girls (yes, including you, Siti!) ,I like the fact that we're like learning and improving everytime , you guys rock!
 Big thanks for Siti and Putri for lending me some stuffs for this shoot!








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Senin, 23 Juni 2014

Saturation Disk


'Saturation Disk'
photographed and styled by Gilang Chandra
make up and hijab by Siti Hayyunas
model : Bella Antika Putri


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Senin, 05 Mei 2014

BOADICEA Spring/Summer 2014 : English Rose campaign.

Photographed by Gilang Chandra
Directed and Styled by M. Akib Aryou
Make Up by Siti Hayyunas
Hair Do by Arivina Risa
Model: Lola Zieta - Faradina Putri 

Click here to see more picts and info about BOADICEA.

Okay, Gill.

Senin, 14 April 2014


Photographed and Styled by Gilang Chandra H.
Make up and Hair do by Siti Hayyunas.
Model: Lola Zieta A and Gifachri Bani A (Robi)

Special thanks:
Akib for the make up set and helping Siti in make up and also the hair do.
Tita for helping us in anything.
Bulan and Lucky for lending me the baseball bat.
Setyaji, the owner of the baseball bat.
Reza for the wax.

Hellooo everyone! I'm feeling productive lately hahaha, I've done 5 photo-shoots in 2 months :p Actually, before i did this one i made a photo-shoot for Akib's latest BOADICEA campaign but you have to wait for the release date! Well, me and Siti are really excited when we talked about this project, cause we gonna pair our own classmate in college hahaha, yup Robi is Siti's best-friend in college. When i first met Robi, i'm so envy with his cheekbones -___- i want that kind of cheekbones too hahaha,then i realized that he probably has a potential to be a model  finally i asked him to do a photo shoot with Lola for my blog, and he said yes!

This time, i wanna make something grunge with kind of 'badass' image and Lola is just perfectly fit in this image huahaha Cause she's really tough in real life actually, she's kind of tomboy girl, she does martial art and sport, her face looks badass but also classy here hahaha. The shoot tells about a badass girl with her bodyguard that rule the alley , she will beat anyone that try to own her alley,ohh and about the baseball bat, i just have The Raid 2-euphoria huahahaha :p Robi was struggling for this shoot, at first he couldn't relax cause it's his first modeling experience, but me and Siti kept on helping him and the result is great :) Robi reminds me with Bella on her early days modeling for my blog huahaha. She was struggling so hard for this but after years she can easily make that effortlessly high-fashion pose (check it on her latest photo-shoot ).

So like i told before , tell your opinions or anything by mention me on twitter and don't forget to follow my instagram @gillchandra to get a sneak peek or behind the shoot moment ;)

Okay, Gill.