Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Recently... graaaaaaa

Well, recently i..

1. Got a new haircut.
At the early of 2012, January 2nd, i officially had a new haircut!
I was confuse to pick a new style, it was like eqaxwiosjkdbwiefhslaq i'm stucked -__-.
So i just wanted to make it simple, short and fresh. Once, i asked Danang and Geiya to not make their hair into sort of spiky, but now, as you can see, i made it spiky -_______-.

2. Falling in love with NYLON US December 2011/January 2012 issue.
It's like healing my disapointed feeling with NYLON US recently, i mean, i dont feel any stronger sense of "NYLON" recently, i mean, i'm boring with the contents, the older NYLON are much much better for me, but when i bought the latest issue of NYLON, i'm soooooo happy, its cool! Espescially when you see the special photoshoot tribute t0 60's, itsssss greattttt! Yeahh i love it!

3. Meet a new friend, an exchange student from Australia.
Her name is Eliza, she's crazy, literally. Huahahahaha!

4. Found a new guilty pleasure, AKB48.
Well i dont really care about AKB48 at first but after i watched this CM:

I'm falling in love with the girls *_*, so i googling about it, and i found out that it's JKT48, an idol group that adopt an idol gorup from Japan called AKB48,and its official. I heard about AKB48 when i was 14 but i didnt really care about it at that time, so JKT48 is like an Indonesian sister of AKB48. They performed in Japan too! That's great! Then i curious about AKB48, googling it and i found their heavy rotation PV:

Huwowwww *_*!
At first i think, they just same like the other girlbands, but fortunately, they are not!
Wanna know the reason? Check out their older PV, and this one is epic:

Then i realized that they are better than the other girlband,but they arent a girlband! It's an idol group! i love their concept .
and yeah, i'm officially addict with heavy rotation song -___- .

Okay, Gill.

it's 2012


it's 2012! God its just too fast! Graaaaaaa!
I cant believe that its one year left to graduate from school (it will happen on 2013), oh seriously, it's fast!
Well how was your new year eve? My new year eve was soooo fun!
I was hang out with my friends, and we made sort of bbq party at my house, it's not a big party actually, just for my close friends.
After that, about 10 pm, we went to 0 km, we wanted to see a lot of huge fireworks there cause we didnt get one :p But, as you know, 0 km its literally near malioboro, which is fuckin crowded! God, it was like a concert or music festival like glastonbury,i mean, the crowd there, even it was hard for me to move -___-. Fortunately, one of my friends, Dita, she was like "nebeng" a foreign guy, cause he's soooo tall, so he could break the crowd, seemed like he got his own way through the crowd just because he's so tall -___-, then Dita was like grabbing his bag behind his back but the foreign guy didnt know anything about it, jahat ya -__-, but after he realized,he was about angry and said "Hey, what are you doing, you are not my children, stop following me!" HUAHAHAHAHA. So, Dita was sooo embarrassing and she felt sorry to him hahaaha, but not a long time after that, the foreign guy tried to have a chat with Dita :p Finally, we spent our new year eve with that guy hahahaha. It was totally random!

That's the foreign guy, he's come from Poland, i forget his name :s.

It was too crowded, i was too lazy to taking more picts, God, even it was hard for me to move!

So, i havent make my resolution for 2012, have you??
Ah, almost forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!

Okay, Gill.