Jumat, 18 Desember 2015

Under the Table

'Under The Table'

photographed and styled by Gilang Chandra
Make up by Siti Hayyunas



Okay, Gill.

Selasa, 17 November 2015




Photographed and digital imaging by Gilang Chandra.
Illustration by Viki Restina Bela
Make up by Siti Hayyunas

Hey! I'm sorry i didn't post anything for almost five months! Aaaaa somebody please punish me, I'd like to be tortured, you guys can lock me in a room full of rats. Nah, kidding. I'd rather walk myself on fire. Speaking about walking, i can't walk in a proper way recently, it's because of this stupid action (which I'm too ashamed to tell ya) i did a week ago that made the doctor pulled off my toe nail! Yes, shit happened.  Anyway, the reason why i kinda neglected this blog for some months is because of this endless college task. Time feels so fast when i realize that I'm on my 5th semester right now, ahh did i tell ya i turned 21 this month? Can't believe that i started this blog when i was 15, and now I'm 21, so surreal. 

First of all, let me introduce you with Titak! If you realize, she's been helping me on some photo shoots for this blog. We met when we were in 11th grade back then, ever since she knew that I'm frequently making photo shoot, she's always like offers me a help and promotes my blog to everyone she knows.  Thank you kak Titak! I really appreciate all your kindness. That's why i wanna give her a little gift by make her own photo shoot for this blog. This time i make a collaboration with my friend in college, Viki. She draws a lot of illustrations with her galaxy-ish pattern style, which is totally cool. You can check her works here. Viki was Titak's classmate back in Junior High School. So we are really excited to throw this shoot on her. After this i will make more collaboration with my friend from college. Don't forget to follow my Instagram!

 Okay, Gill.

Rabu, 29 Juli 2015

Midnight in February

'Midnight in February'

Photographed and styled by Gilang Chandra.
Make up by Siti Hayyunas.
Muse : Tyas Seruny - Muhammad Risqi


Okay, Gill.

Selasa, 23 Juni 2015


Photographed and styled by Gilang Chandra.
Muse : Jan Heres.
Thanks to Tita and Pipip. 




Senin, 25 Mei 2015



Photographed and Styled by Gilang Chandra
Muse : Andrea Naomi
Special Thanks : Putri Permata.

Hola! Well, actually, i did not have any plan to make this photoshoot, the thing is because i already make a plan to do the other concept for Naomi, but on that day Pipip and Dika asked Naomi to be the model of their clothing project. So they came to my house and borrowed my camera and took some simple shoots. I was like, "Hey i'm bored let's make a photoshoot!" , so it was like a sudden decision. Since Siti could not go to my house that day so i decided to not put any make up for this shoot. I  think Nao is beautiful even without any make up on her face, the beauty is already there guys! So that beauty sense is the focus for this shoot. I want her look  like naturally sexy in classy way. This sexy stuff is not her thing actually, but that's the point of this shoot , show her different side but still not losing her classy beauty. So what i did during the shoot was sprinkling her face with water all the time hahahaha. That wet face with the touch of warm sunset was so amazing, really love the result.


Okay, Gill.

Requiem of Silence

 Photographed and Styled by Gilang Chandra.
Body Painting by Tim Jahat.
Muse: Wulan Ottaf and Yusuf Nugroho

Hey! It's a photoshoot for the midterm assignment of my photography class. My photography lecture asked us to make a conceptual photoshoot and we need to make a group for this project. My group called Tim Jahat , we decided to make something surreal for this project but none of us can do a make up and we're lazy as hell to ask people beside Siti to do the make up cause Siti could not go to our campus at that time , so we decided to use this body painting stuff. We also need a male model as the extra for this shoot but again we're too lazy to find one so we asked one of our members, Yusuf, to be the model hahahaha. Yusuf is actually the one that did the body painting for Come As You Are shoot last year.


Okay, Gill.