Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

Denim Crush

This denim jacket belongs to my cousin! And i'm in love with it! graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Okay, Gill.


Let me introduce, it's Pabhama or Pasukan Bhaskara Utama :).
Name of our tonti club in my school. I took that picts when they had competition last January,they are my juniors, even they havent get the goblet, they got the spirit!

I always pray all the best for pabhama, we know we havent good enough, but i believe that we can do this, keep this together-feeling and keep our spirit on it!

Okay, Gill.

Birthday Bash

I had to attend five birthday parties at the last two months, that was like, such an awesome month. No wonder, this year there are lot of teens that turning seventeen, which is,its kind of a must to celebrate thing. Bella and Dinda made a birthday party too! Here are some of the picts:

It's Dinda with her angry birds birthday cupcake from us !!

Me with Bella and Dayu!

With Cantika!!

It's Bella's birthday and guess what? i was the MC there with Siti -__- Look, all the laknat people were standing together hauhahahaha.

Met Fara there! Miss youuuuuu!

I gave this for her gift huaahahaha.

At Pelu's birthday, hauahahahaha.

Okay, stop doing that!

Cantika with his cantik pose! I forced him to do that pose huahahaha.

Okay, Gill.

I'm Sorry February!

Okay, throw me with slushie now.
Huaaaaaa i'm sorry, i didnt post anything in February! It doesnt mean that there was nothing in that month,instead, there were a lot of events in February,its just, i didnt have much time to upload picts or things since my internet connection is getting worse -___-
So i'm sorry for that, and i'll make a plan to do some photoshoot in March eventhough this month will be the busiest month so far, well, once again, forgive me february!!!

Okay, Gill.