Selasa, 20 April 2010

A Confession Of A Day Dreamer

Oh today was a rocks day! I was spend my sparetime in fara's house and we made a photoshoot, taken with her new DSLR camera :o, i'm so jealous- -. She wore my sister's vintage top, bought at second hand store, but still sophisticated, even Fara's mom borrowed it, she'll make a clothes with the same model like that. And she wore her mom's two tone wedges, i dont really care about the brand (actually i'm forgot the brand's name- -), but its cool right? We got some annoying things here, when i tooke her picture in the middle of photosession, there was two barking dogs near us, and its so noisy, bah i thought i'll throw something big into their heads haha no no juts kidding (i dont wanna be tortured by PETA! LOL) . Then another hell came, there was many kids ran away behind Fara, and i cant restrain them to stop running cause teir was soooo annoying. But overall today was a fun day :D.

Model: Fara.
Styling and Photography : me!
Make up and camera's owner (lol) : Fara!

Okay, Gill

Senin, 19 April 2010

Its a Muse, I Love My Magazine

Everyone have an inspiration if they will doing something, especially an artist. Without a pair of inspiration they cant make something happening or a masterpiece.

"Sebuah karya baru dapat dibilang bagus bila karya itu telah menginspirasi seseorang untuk membuat sebuah karya"

Got it? So about my inspiration, most of my inspiration came from magazine, i read magazine since i was 6, i read junior magazine, its a disney's magz and after i read that i love to drawing disney's character,i just got inspiration from it. Then when i turned 9 or 10 i was read XY-Kids, seriously i'm so addicted with XY-Kids that was my favorite magazine ever, every weeks i bought XY-Kids, usualy after i went to mosque with my Dad we had gone to gramedia bookstore and i bought a couple of manga and XY-Kids absolutly! After i read that, i become a Gamer, everyday i went to game online near my school with my friends and we'd play ayodance, that was so fun!
And everythings changed after i read Animonster magazine when i was 12, i become a J-Lover! You know J-lover, a Japan's freak! Everything about Japan become my inspiration, Japan is a Muse! Start from manga (actually i love to drawing manga since i were on kindergarten, but its become my passion when i was 9) , anime and i'm dying into cosplay when i were on Junior High School, in my early year in Junior High School i'd joined in the cosplay competition, and i'd put harajuku style,listening Japanese Music, and tooke Japanese Class, that was a beautiful memories ever! I have a dream to become a Mangaka, a Manga's creator. But after i get older, i'd think that that's not my real passion, yes i love to drawing but its more fun without
a specifically genre. And i started to love fashion after i love cosplay, so my present passion started from my old passion.
So now i dont read animonster again, what magazine i love to read now? Anythings! But actually i well-read art-photography-fashion magazines. Because that's my passion now, there's no specifically genre again. And i still save my old magazine even my Junior magazine, cause that was my inspiration when i was child, if i throw up them, i just throwed my child's life inspiration. And sometimes i think that, how if i become an Editor In Chief? I just found another passion in my life.

Wow i never wrote a lot of words in my blog before :D.

Okay, Gill.

PS: Keep your old magazines.

Minggu, 18 April 2010

Sunday Morning and I'm Freezing

Bonjour! Ohayou! Its Sunday morning and i'm stuck on my boring mood, so i need my mood booster: having a photoshoot! And today the weather is kinda cold so i've put my coat, the combination of the coat's color and the buttons color is cool!

Okay, Gill.

Minggu, 04 April 2010


Hey yaaaa! Yesterday i just made a photosession with Fara (remember her? a girl with a big thigh? hoahaha). Actually we planned this things since a few moths ago, but we getting busy and busy (because the UAN arghhh) so we (almost) did'nt have kinda time to meet and hang out together. So two days after UAN i met her in her house. So finally we did it! But unfortunately i dont took the pictures with my Grandpa's old camera., hmm maybe later.

If you want to see more pictures you can see them on my facebook.

Okay, Gill.

Recent News

Hey! Finally UAN was over! And this month is a free month! Okay, i'm sure i can get a great result in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Inggris, but i'm not sure with my Math! GRAAAAAAA! Calm, if we look the past, i did many things just for Math, i was practice (almost) everyday, its mean its impossible to get a great reult in Math, right? Yaa i hope i can get that. So how was my science? Its fine (insyaallah). Let's skip the UAN's things (its make me frustratedddd graaaaa) , ahh i was cut my hair! WOW!

I never cut my hair became like this one, what's the name of this style? Bah, i dont know. What do u think? A little bit fresh huh? Hehe

PS: Another stupid pose, err its stupid right? my lips looks like a duck? Too much questions, its seems like Rihanna's pose in her 'Rated R' album (- _ -") bahhhhhh stupid. Ohh another ' maksa pose' ngahahahaha.

Okay, Gill.