Selasa, 04 Maret 2014


Photographed and Styled by Gilang Chandra
Make up and hair do by Siti Hayyunas
Model: Maharani Ayu Putri
thanks for Dika and Pipip

      First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 EVERYONEEEEE! Sorry for neglected this blog (again!) i just did not know what should i post here beside of the photoshoots hahaha, well this is my latest photoshoot, inspired by the natural movement of the revolutionary dancer, Isadora Duncan. 
     I really wanna make a photoshoot that shows something dynamic and beauty in natural way, then i found out that it reflects in Isadora's movement.

 I was reading a comic-biography about her, the Greece inspired her a lot, you can see it in her outfits when she performed and since i don't have any Greece people look-a-like dress, i decided to put some fabrics and layered them hahaha.
     So big thanks for Siti that helped me in styled her, i really couldn't do it technically :p Well, i try to make a different theme every photoshoot afterall, so it makes my creative-mind keep working, which is a good thing :D Give any opinion or anything about my photoshoot by mention me on :)





 Okay, Gill.

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