Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Popcorn's Partner

Tonight is a new year eve!
I will celebrate it with my family like last years, actually i planned to celebrate it with my friends, but my mum asked me to join the family's party- -.
Well that's okay :).

Nah, i will talk about movie

I've watched a lot of movies since i were on elemantary school.
My sister used to bring me to the VCD&DVD's rental at the weekend, i was kid at that time so usually my sister give me the choices of movies then i have to pick some of them, its more "safe" cause she knew what's movie that good for a kid like me.
But sometimes she allowed me to watch her movies, at that time, i could watch more than hollywood, cartoon or kid's comedy genre cause she used to borrowing another genre from another country,and sometimes an absurd festival movie, the first movie that made me cry, i dont remember the name, but its a korean movie, actually she didnt borrowing this movie for me.
I think its not kinda sad movie,its more like comedy romantic but there was a scene that made me cry, i was about 11years old, the story is about a girl who can turned back the time, so she could meet her dead mother,i was crying when i saw the scene when she met her dead mother again, i was like, thanks God, my mother still here with me, so i shouldnt turn back the time to see her again!
But After that there was no movie that make me cry again (not yet :P),then i used to ask her to watch her borrowed movies, like "Can i watch this? It is okay for a child?".
When i turned 14 i can choose my own movies, she said that im smart enough to choose a good movie :p.
So i tell ya some of my favorite movies :).

Swing Girls.

Oh shit, this is the best musical dramedy movie everr :p! You should watch this with your dudes.
The story is about some high school- nuts - girls who accidentally make a big jazz band cause their own fault, at first they didnt like it, but finally they fell in love with it.
There's a lot of stupid scene, the stupidest scene is when a big pig chased after them at the forest, huahahahaha.
Its sucha inspiring movies, imagine a group jazz with a bunch of nuts girls inside.

Little Manhattan.

This movie always make me smile,hahaha. I dont know why, first love never wrong huahahaha.

500days Of Summer.
Yeahh everyone knew this movie, i cant tell you more, no comment, its a good movie with a good story and a good cinematography!
It's soundtracks are awesomeeeeeee! My playlist is full of the 500days of summer soundtrack, and this movie made me fall in love with Zooey Deschanel.

Nick and Norah Infinite playlist.The story is simple but still inspiring :).

Honey and Clover.

I watched it cause Aoi Yuu was the actrees :), she's so cute arghhhh. The outfits are awesome!
Like a swing girls is a japanese movie, its based on populer manga, if you have read the manga, probably you wont like this movie.
But its a good movie, the story its quite complicated, yeah its a drama.
There's many silent scene without dialogue. Some people said that they couldnt get the story, that's why i watched it twice, hehe.


I just wanna watch it again, love it!


Its a superhero's movie with a real story.
You cant see a flying guys or a mutant here, its just a movie about the reality.
By the way, i love Chloe G.Moretz :p.

Little Secret.
I watched it when i was on elemantary school, sucha inspiring story and you know what after i watched it i just wanna make a secret keeper's shop like on the movie huahaha.


Well i ask many of my girl-friends to watch it, cause its so inspiring for a teenager girl.
I didt really interest when i heard the story, about a pregnant teenager,bahhh, but when i see the actrees, it was Ellen Page, God, she's so cute.
After i watched it, i didnt expect that i will love this movie :p.
Its just about a responsibility, the consequence of all what you did. Dont take any risk if you dont ready for it. So think twice before you do something.

Devil wears Prada.

Another stylish movie, the story is learned me to be my own self is better than be another guy just to make another people happy.

Scott Pilgrim VS the World.
YEY its sucha fresh movie! I love the uniqe concept of this movie, like playing a videogame.

(both of volume 1&2).
Yeah two movies with an inspiring figthing scenes, the story and the drama i love them all.


The most absurd movie i ever watch- -".
But this movie is make us thinking right? The good movie its just not about entertaining, but it have to make us thinking.
I like the story concept of this movie. The thriler-action movies will never be same like this.

The Unfortunate Events.From all it's books, i just love the first three volumes, so i'm so happy that my favorite volumes became a movie :).
Ahh and i love the wardrobe's!

Edward The Scissorshands.

I watched it when i was on kindergarten! Huahahahaha, i didnt get the story at that time i was just adore the edward's costume, but after a few years i watched it again, then i just had a plan to make a scissorhands- -.
But i think i wanna watch it again,i just m,issed some scenes,unfortunately its too hard to get the VCD or DVD here.

Hana and Alice.

Yeahh Aoi Yuu again :p!
The story is kinda absurd, i have to watch it for a few time, but the only things that make it's intersting at the first sight is the cinematography's!
I love it's cinematography!

Turtles Can Fly.

Arghhhhhh i covered my eyes a lot when i watched this movie, no its not a horror, but there's many tragic scene.
You can see the condition of Iraqi's childerns at the American's invasion and how they survive againts war there.
Tragic :(.

Toy Story (1,2,3 love them all :p) .

(all pictures i found on err internet- -)

Soo that's some of my favorite movies, hope it could be your references in case you will make a DVD marathon for your holiday :P.
See ya next year, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!

Okay, Gill.


My belt fall in love with my sneakers.

Okay, Gill.

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Fallen Water

So, i told that last weekend i got a lot of activites right? Nah, the next sunday i had a school's trip to waduk gajah mungkur and tawangmangu. But, we got a little shit there.
There was two bus for 3 classes (10A,10B and 10C, i'm on 10C here), the first 15 students from each classes went by Bus A and the rest 15 from each classes went by the Bus B.
I was on bus A.
Unfortunately A here mean Asshole, hahahaha.

Cause, after a few hours trip, something wrong happened with one of the bus's wheels, i didnt really know what was wrong with it, but it made the bus stopped suddenly. Then we were smelling something like gas so we've decided to went out from the bus.
My teacher said that we have to waiting while the bus is repairing by the driver.
Hell no, it was a long "wasting" time, the other students from the Bus B texted me that they've arrived at waduk gajah mungkur. - -".
After two hours waited,my teacher asked someone to send us another bus cause this bus was gettin worse, than after we ate our lunch, the rescue bus came, ahhh finally- -.
You know what? The other guys from Bus B left the waduk gajah mungkur to go to the next trip, tawangmangu. Oh shit, we missed one place cause this hell bus (T T).

So we didnt go to the waduk gajah mungkur and went to tawangmangu.
It's sucha nice trip at the first, but, when we almost there, something made this bus stopped! What the- -. So we were waiting when the bus is repairing by the driver, again.
And, the other guys from Bus B was waiting us at tawangmangu - -.
But after maybe 30minutes the Bus was gettin better than we went again!
And finally we arrived, arghhh the place is fuckin awesome! Its my first experience tooke a picture under the waterfall!

Ahh and the holiday,starting, now!!

PS: I didnt go to KICKFEST PARADE this year huhuhu.

Okay, Gill.


Heyhoo, last weekeend i got a lot of activities, first we went to the karaoke for celebrated Dini's birthday on the firday night.
That was fun, we were sing an absurd song and going nuts, ha!

Meet the birthday girl, Dini Haskar :p.

My new mate, Azka Aditya, look, he was bbm-ing while he tooke the mic and singing - -.

Me, and something behind me- -.

Okay, Gill.

Senin, 13 Desember 2010

W.h.o.o.ps magz Volume 1

If i get an opportunity to make my own magz, probably i will make it like this:

Probably its sucha indie culture magz, including fashion,music,movie and photography inside.
This magz is dedicate for all gender, so we'll put a guy on the cover, or maybe both of girl and guy.
I love simple and clean cover, if the cover is quite intersting enough, people will curious and have a plan to grab this magz.
We put Zooey Deschanel for the first cover, cause she's got all that things, she have a quirky style, she's an actress and a singer too.

Huahahaha absurd (as always- -)

Okay, Gill.


Photographed and styling by Gill.
Model Dilla.

Okay, Gill.

Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Happy Meal


Okay, Gill.



These exam's things make me fucking crazeh- -, my school's exam are running for about twoo weeks! WHATAHELL!
And the creepy things here are Math and Science- -. Hope they will be okay huhuhu.
Btw i havent talk about my Senior high school's life here, its too fun, better than my junior highs school!
I will talk it later.

So, i think, there's some (a LOT actually- -) of things that i really wanted for a long time, like a new handphone, computer, laptop bla bla bla.
But there's some of i really need now:

New Footwear!!

Actually i just bought this classic hi-converse a few weeks ago, but i need more shoes, i need more boots!
I really want something like docmart, but docamart its too expensive here! Hope i will get something like that.

Polaroid's Film!!

What's polaroid's do if there's no film inside- -.
I dont know where i have to find it, someone said that they wasnt sell the Polaroid's film again, so we have to buy it via online maybee.
Ow syit- -.

More Photography Things!!

Just 4 alphabets with 1 word: DSLR CAMERA!

More Dudes More Nuts!!

Everyone knows that Fara is my bestbud now, yup she's totally moron huahahaha.
Its stupid if i recalling our first contact two years ago, at the first i saw her picture on the friendser, i was like "Damn cute!"
Then i was think that i fell in love with her so i texted my friend to get her phone number, but too bad some problems came and she was hate me ( and i hate her too i think)
So i erased all of her pictures that i stole from her facebook,and i dont care with her anymore, she's fat and got a big nose, but after a month, she texted me and asked about some of fashion blog's links, so i gave them to her.
And we just realized that we have a same passion, we like photography, art and fashion!
And finally i know the truth, she's def a nut! Huahahaha, and i think she's better for my partner in crime than partner in love cause you know she's a nut!!!
Even she uploaded our stupid lypsinc video on youtube- -.
Yeahh sounds fun but i need more bestbud, i had some bestbud on elemantary school but when we entered the junior high school, we missed each other, we never talk or meet up again.
I dont know, maybe he'd love to hang out with his new besfriends.
And im still didnt get a bestbud on junior hi-school until i met fara.
Bestfriends are difrent with all our ordinary friends, they know the truth of us, they know how we'd really love to,
they know how to make a laugh and going nuts together.

Magz Magz Magz!!

Magazine is my muse.
Some of my favorite magazines are Nylon and Nylon guys, Frankie, N.E.E.T, Lula, Spoon, Fruits etc.
But i'd love to read nylon recently, they always make an uber cool cover, especially Nylon mexico,their cover are really damn good! but they are too expensive here.
And on this December we will get our INDONESIAN NYLON and INDONESIAN NYLON GUYS on January 2011!
Hope Nylon Indonesia will brings the indie things here.
Cause most of Indonesian Magz are seems lookalike with each other, they are small (like teenvogue's size), full of Hollywood gossip's page and some magz had a monotone fashion spread.
And the worst, Indonesia is less about Teen Guys Magz, the famous here just maybe Hai magz.
Hope Nylon will bring somthing BIG!

L.O.V.E !!

Yes, i miss dating at the cinema with a girl :(.
Last time i did it when i was 14, she was my first girlfriend ever.
Actually she was totally my type, she's cute, smart, fearless and powerful.
We were love the same things, and we were love to did it together.
But its just not because she like the things that i like so we can belong together (sounds like 500days of summer- -).
Think it twice.
I'm still remember we went to cinema and watched twilight and i was like to hug her, im still remember the warmness and the way she closed her eyes at the scene that a vampire attacked bella on the ballet's studio.
We just did it for about more than 8 months.
She said " i like you" and she said " how about break-up? " too.
So, i never meet a girl that 'turn me on' again after her and Fara (but unfortunately fara didnt like me :p).
Some friends said that my type is too high (and some again said that imma geeks,girls hate geek,- - wtf) hahahaha.
Not really, im just love to dating a girl that independent, smart, simple and know how to looking good in front her boyfriend :P.
Probably its a lil bit hard to looking a girl like that - -.
That's all, hope i will get them! AMIN!

Okay, Gill.

The Weather Maker

Who the hell is Mr. Freeze?
I changed my Blog's name (after a year) from 'Living with Mr. Freeze' become 'The Weather Maker's Blog'.

Cause i just erased my alter ego, yup, Mr.Freeze was my alter ego before, the guy who always freezing when he get a trouble.
I think i dont wanna be that guy anymore, sounds like chicken, solved all the problems with freezing, absurd and stupid.
Freezing here means silent, like i said before, when i get a trouble i'd prefer to be silent, i dont want to crush it with angryness or emotion, just silent and wait.
That's why i wanna make my self as a guy with sucha fearless there, solve the problem without silent.

So whats that?
whats my new blog's name means?
Yup weather maker, hmm i thought for a long time for my blog's name, and it was too confusing, i have to make a name that simple but quirky and a lil bit fun.
Then i picked that weather maker.

First, i think that the weather is gettin hot, so that freezing guy is melted become a normal guy.
But how if the weather is unormally hot?
Its okay, cause imma Weather's Maker now, the weathers are under my control, huahahaha.
Okay thats stupid, i mean the weathers here are my moods, i'm not and dont wanna be an extreamly moody guy, so i have to make a "nice" mood at the "nice" time.

Moods are like weathers right?
When i'm happy the weather is sunny
When i'm sad the weather is cloudy
When i'm mad the weather is cloudy with a thunder.
When i'm mad but a lil bit happy and like about crying, the weather is err there's a cow's rain probably.

Well, that's all, and maybe i'd like to change the fonts too!
By the way, i told you that i will make a photosession with Fara right?
Yup i did it, but there was a problem crushed us.
Actually the place is awesome, we did it on the train's bridge (imagine, when there was a train came, we just like "RUNNNN!" and we jumped at the left side of the bidge,and there's just a lil place to stand, which is too creepy if we looked down - -).
But too bad, we did it too late, we didnt get the sunset, so its too dark (we did it at about 6.30 pm) when the outfits represented a cheerful things.
So maybe i will make it again, if u wanna see it, check on my Facebook.

And last, happy (late) birthday for my blog :D.
It's suppose to be on november 16 :p.
I just dont believe that i've write my blog for about a year! ARGHHH

So thanks for all guys who love to watch and read my blog.
Hope my blog is gettin better than before, amin!

Okay, Gill.

Jumat, 12 November 2010


Okay, Gill.

I'd Like To Go Someday

Finally i met her again after a long time i couldnt see her big nose. During the eruption of Jogja's pride volcano, Merapi, we got a day off from school for the safety of the ashes that fell from Merapi (you have to see the ashes's rain, seemed we got a winter- -) ,it will make another respiration illness to us.

So i picked the profit of this day off, i went to mall with fara, and i treated her a lunch (yeahhh birthday's culture- -), and we did what we have to do: TAKE A PICTURE!
But i couldnt get much pictures cause we decided to made a (big) chit-chat, you know, its kinda reunion cause i really missed her :p.

Okay, Gill.

PS: I will make another photosession with her for celebreating my blog's first birthday, yey!

Jumat, 05 November 2010