Selasa, 27 Juli 2010

Something Whimsy

BORINGGGG!!!! And i've decided to retouching Fara's old pics huahahaha!

Taken by me after we finished the 'black swan's photosoot.

Okay, Gill.

Minggu, 25 Juli 2010

Confession Of a Day Dreamer (again!!)

A few months ago i tooke these pict with fara, and i've already posted them here (you can check it on my older post, 'confession of a day dreamer') but i dont like the old results so i posting them again with a new fresh tone.

Directed and Photoghrapy by Gill
Stylist Gill
Make up by Fara
Model Fara

Its me with another tired face- -". Fara taken it for me.

Okay, Gill

Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010

Floral and Denim

This photoshoot its uncomplete yet, just wanna share my recent photoshoot with fara. Enjoy!

Directed and Photograhpy by Gill.
Stylist Gill
Model fara
Make up by Fara

Okay, Gill.


Hola there! Finally i posted something for my blog. I'm too busy with these highschool's regristration things. Yeah like i said before i gratuated from junior highschool, now i'm a highschool-er! Highschool-er? cool! wrong highschool? preekkkkkk - -"!

Yeah with my tiny NEM i can't go to my favorite highschool, i got a kick-out from my #1 and #2 selection highschools. So my first choice is SMUN 11 then SMUN 10 and the last choice is private highschool Muhammadiyah 2. I dont have to tell you more (too many sadness here huhuhu (lebay) ), the point is i got a kick outtttt, now i'm stuck on islamic private highschool Muhammadiyah 2, whics is out of my favorite highschool's list- -. I'm not ready to entering this school, excuse? First its a private highschool, second i dont have any skill on islamic's religion study (tapi gue rajin sholat lohh,wkwkwk ),i have to study moreeee about that subject in this school,third i'm upset i can get many friends here :(.

Okay okay, i know, its seems like i'm so selfish here, begging and crying for my own fault. I have to deserving the consequence, another lesson for my life.

Its the reality, lets pass that thorny way!

Okay, Gill.