Senin, 31 Desember 2012

The 2012's Ultimate Playlist.


Well, i have two words for describing this year: Bitter and Sweet.There was a time when i think that it was the best moment on my life, i surrounded by a lot of good people, i got a good ranking on my school and there was a person that i really care about.But like i said before, 2012 is just not about the sweet things, there was a bitter moment too. There was a moment when i felt like i lost some of my friends, even the one that i thought he would be my best friend, my ranking decreased and there was a time when i felt down kinda gloomy, all the expectation were wrong, i was expecting too much and the reality is just way too far from it. But i keep telling my self that all the bitter moments are suppose to be there for balancing the other sweet stuffs. I learned a lot this year, i learned about life, about how to solve a problem in mature way :)

Now, i will give you my 2012's playlist. These are my favorite songs during this year :p

1. Asian Kung-fu Generation - After Dark.

It's like a GRRRREEEEEAAAATTTTT song! Beside i grow up with Asian Kungfu Generation, i basically a big fan of this band :p. I don't understand japanese language but when i first heard this, i could feel the true meaning of this song, then i checked the translation, and i found out that this song has such an inspiring thing.

2. AKB48/JKT48 - Heavy Rotation.

HEBIIIIII ROOTAATIONNNNN! This song that brings me into the 48's Fandom. I remember at the 2012's new year eve i was like dancing heavy rotation in the street, and i think i will do that again at the 2013's new year eve....

3. Two Wounded Birds - If Only We Remain.

This song has an addictive thing that can inject you to play it again,again and again. I love the mysterious yet silent feel from this song.

4. Imagine Dragon - It's Time.

I just love it ah and this song has a beautiful lyrics.

6. AKB48 - Iiwake Maybe.

Even this is kind of  'Galau' song, but the intro gives me a spirit every morning :p

7. The American Dollar - The Slow Wait.


8. Salyu - 共鸣

It's a soundtrack form all about lily chou chou,the movie is sick! You have to watch it!

Well that's all!

Okay, Gill.

Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

Blend in Sand

"Blend in Sand"
Photographer and Stylist: Gilang Chandra
Model: Praninta Anandhani (Ditot) - Bella Antika Putri
Make up by Gustin Chandra
Thanks for Dika.

     Yesterday we did a photoshoot! We did this photoshoot right on Christmas holiday. It took a place in Parangkusuma,Yogyakarta, and you know whatt yesterday was superrrr hotttt!! The worst part is i forgot to bring something that could save us from a hot bright sun like umbrella or sunglasses -__-" Anyway,this time i put a different theme for my photoshoot, yes, color blocking! I'm not a kind of person that like to mix bright colors like yellow or pink, but i thought that i need something fresh for my blog, so i picked those colors and mix them up together. Well, the models also have a dark skin that really stunning if i give them such a bright neon colors hoahahaha.

Okay, Gill.