Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

turn it off

photographer and stylist : Gilang Chandra
model: (from left) Danang Arif Rahmanda - Putri Permata - Geiya Wihanadiepta Poetra
make up: Gustin Chandra
special thanks: Dita, Dika and Bella.

As i told you before, i make sucha photoshoot project with my firends, and here is the second photoshoot, i called it 'turn it off'.

For you guys that declared yourself as a parawhore B), you will get with these words, yeah its one of Paramore's songs! Hmm, turn it off, three people, one girl, two guys... is it a tribute to paramore photoshoot? Nahhh, no! I didnt expect to make kind of oh-looks-like-paramore photoshoot, but yeah, they are like to go to the music studio (with me actually :p) and hit some instruments there, but they dont make a band at all, That's why it ends up like a tribute to paramore photoshoot,and that's why i picked 'turn it off',in fact, pipip is a parawhore and they like to covering paramore songs.

Okay, Gill.

Senin, 26 Desember 2011

here comes belle

Photographer and Stylist: Gilang Chandra
Model: Bella Antika Putri
Make Up: Gustin Chandra
Special Thanks: Dika and Danang

Yeahh finally i did it! Finally, i could put something to her! Huahahahaha.
Yeah as i said before, i was planning to make a photoshoot project with my schoolmates. I know they are not models or model-oriented people, but i want to make them seems different here, i want to proof you guys that ordinary people like us can be awesome like people you see on the magazines. Yeah we are AWESOMEEE!
The photoshoot on this project is reflecting the character of each model (or my schoolmates :p) so even they wearing make up and stuffs,they still the same, but in cooler way :p.

So, this project is started by Bella. Bella is not feminime at all on her style, i mean, she doesnt put make up when she's going to mall or wearing high-heel (but lately she'd like to wearing wedges), so this might be something new for her. By the way, the top that she wore is the same top like Fara wore on my old photoshoot (you can check it "confession of day dreamer" ),why i choosed this one? Cause this top is relfecting a mature woman, and i know that Bella is just a girl that looking her own way to be a women, that's why i picked ripped jeans for her, cause its rebel just like her. Its like a rebel girl that looking her way to be a mature woman. Cause i know that actually bella really wants to be a real woman hahahaha. Okay, it doesnt mean that she's a guy yet but woman here means, someone that could face the problems and know the right way to solve it instead running from the reality and making a fake world. So i hope, Bella can do it!

Well, i'll make the other photoshoot, soon!

PS: Bell, stop yelling "TOLOL, KONYOL!" and stuffs, that's really annoying -___-"

Okay, Gill.

Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Soldier Builder

I found this kind of oversized military shirt at owal awul, the most 'it' thrift clothes-store in the town right now. Well, i have to go there again cause i just found 3 outfits when i went there a week ago (this kind of military shirt is one of them), so i need more, i have to find something like blazer, oh, and diffrent-fabrics jacket, i dont really know what its called, but at the arm's part,basically, they choose diffrent fabric , for example they choose leather for the arm's part but the other part is,errr, what its called, flannel maybe? Aghhh, whatever its called, the point is there are two diffrent fabrics for a one jacket, or shirt. And, one of my friend, pipip, found it! She found baseball jacket, but at the arm's part, it's fabric is sweater, quirky!

Okay, Gill.


Finally oh finally, after we were stucking with exam things on UAS we meet the days that we were wanting for graaaaaaaaaa! Talking about UAS, it was amazing when i saw my class's rank :p
God, i'm at second place at my class's rank! Graaaaa! Can you believe it? The truth was, i didnt study well at UAS's days, instead, i was checking my twitter timeline the night before the exam's day and, yeah, doing typical-depressed-teenage-stuffs-when-they-have-to-face-the-test-tommorow. And for your information i didnt do 'ngepek' things. But, magically i'm on second place hoahahaha.
Anyway, i started my holidays with did karaoke with my 'laknat' guys, but unfortunately, pipip didnt there because she was sick, ohh get well soon kay, and Dinda should there too,but she had to acompany the bule from Australia,an exchange student. Coincidentally, we wore such a same colour outfits! Dark Blue! Ahahahaha, i got no idea how could we met up with same colour outfits, we werent planning anything about dresscode and stuffs :p. As usual we were crazy at karaoke room,the songs were random too, from Adele's someone like you until Julia Perez with belah duren, even i was singing heavy rotation from AKB48 and dancing on Rihanna's S&M hoahahaa. We made our dancing move on 7icons's palyboy, we did 'setengah kayang' move, hoahahaha, i will post the video later.
And you know what, we tricked 'mas-mas', one of the staff at the karaoke's place, we were pretending that we confused because of the karaoke's songs searching machine are broken, and we called that mas-mas staff to explain us what was going on there, when he come into our room, suddenly we played Julia Perez's song, belah duren! Then, we asked that mas-mas to dancing around if he wont do that, we wont allow him to go from our room huahahaha. Finally, with an awkward move, he was dancing hoahahahaahha!

So, here are some of the picts:
They are 'HUWOW' gank, semacam gadis-gadis di video klip single ladies ya mereka,hobi mereka bakar menyan sambil kayang di malam purnama ketiga, karena dengan itu kecantikan abadi mereka dapat bertahan. Aktivitas mereka mem-bully anak-anak lemah yang tak berdaya disekolah, terus minta dibeliin tas prada ama mereka. Kalo diumpamakan, Dita itu dramaqueen, Dika itu laknat kalo Bella itu toa, atau mistis juga bisa, oh ya karena kita semua ikut tonti (dan secara ga sengaja kita kepilih jadi pengurus inti including Danang -___- ), saya udah bikin divisi khusus untuk mereka.
Dita: Divisi kesombongan dan kecantikan abadi.
Dika: Divisi keracunan dan ke-engapan.
Bella: Divisi ke-mistis-an dan kerukunan antar umat manusia dan fenomena kasat mata disekitarnya.
Nah ini Danang, sifatnya ke bapak-an sekali, uztad solmed gimana gitu, dia beda dengan ketiga laknat itu, bangun jam 4, shubuh-an terus mencangkul ke sawah, tipikal ayah kepala keluarga yang setiap pagi membajak sawah. Bisa dibilang dialah yang membimbing kita untuk tetap berpegangan di tiang agama dan berpijak di jalan yang benar #nowplaying #marshanda #hiaaAllahRidhaiKetulusanHatiii. Oiya kemaren abis pulang karaoke dia nginep di rumah saya, salah sendiri pagi-pagi nggowes ke rumah saya,malemnya jadi males pulang kan, padahal kalo diumpamakan jarak rumahnya ke rumah saya itu, sekitar, Tibet - Zimbabwe.
Atasnya Danang itu siapa? Oh dia? Asthon Kutcher.

And here is the most epic picture of that day:
Too bad dika werent join us (yaiyalah kalo dia join sapa yang motoin - -" )
I didnt expect to be their friend at first, i mean, its really unpredictable :).
Thanks to tonti for this!

Okay, Gill.