Rabu, 03 Februari 2010

Daily Music (part 1)

My daily music, recommendation for you!

Tokyo Jihen (Tokyo Incidents)

Must listen: Sounan, Rakujitsu, OSCA, NODOTEKI sanPUNKAN , Tasogare Naki ,Shuraba,Dynamite
* I LOVE THEIR SONGS! And especially Shina Riingo's (vocal) voice, her jazzy-rock voice is so awesome! And the instruments is so genius, combination of jazz and rock or swing and rock. In their song Service they're changed swing intrusment become punk-rock but my favorite 'beat song' are Sounan and OSCA. And my favorite 'slow song' are Rakujitsu and Tasogare Naki. And if you wanna hear their beat jazzy song, you must listen Dynamite.

She And Him

Genre: Folk
Must Listen:
Why do you let me stay here?, I thought I saw your face today, Please, please, please, let me let me get I want , Sentimental heart
* First they're diffrent from the other and i love Zooey! Their songs is slow but not mellow, and i like that. I always freezing when i listen I Thought I Saw Your Face Today. Their tune is simple but not boring and have a feel, like Why do you let me stay here?


Genre: Chiptune, Electronic
Must Listen: Magical 8bit Tour, Darling, POW -POW, Tetrominon -From Russia with Blocks, Rock'n Roll rendezvous, Pastel Colored Candy
*Chiptune will never die! Yeah, like mario bros's theme song,its timeless right? Their songs are uniqe, abstract, but still fun. I feel like i'm playing SEGA when i heard Darling or Magical 8bit Tour and Tetrominon -From Russia with Blocks.

The Ataris

Emo, Alternative
Must Listen: In This Diary, The Saddest Song, Summer 79's, The Radio Still Sucks, So Long Astoria, I.O.U One Galaxy, My Reply
*The power of their song is the lyrics, i think their lyrics have a deep meaning. The lyrics are so close with my daily life or the other teenager's daily life. My 1st favorite is In This Diary i sing this song everytime (maybe i'm still euphoria with the band hehe). So Long Astoria and My reply is good too.

Olivia Ong

Must Listen: The Girl From Ipanema, LOVE, Close To You, My Favorite Things, Fly Me To The Moon
* Why i put her into my daily music? Simple, she's remake all of my favorite old songs. hehehe. And her voice is uniqe and warm. And her remake song from Frank Sinatra, The Girl From Ipanema is my favorite!

Yeah, enough for now. Wait for my part 2!

Okay, Gill.

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