Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

Wall of Huh? and I'm Stuck On My 'Long F#cking Holiday'

(spring's over! take off your jacket!)

Holaho! Hey it's time for a longgggggggg f#cking holi-sh#t-day! Muahahahaha!
This holiday is mine since March til the early of July, in my early weeks on my holiday i felt so fun! No more homework and UAN's things! Felt like i was born again and i can spend my money for anythings i want to spend. And the important thing is i shouldnt obeying my daily schedule, u know woke up at 5am for praying shubuh then go back to sleep til 11am,muahahaha! I spend my days for hang out with my schoolmates or went to fara's house and having a photosession.

But now, that whole holiday's fun things is over. I've done! I mean, i've done cause i'm boring, i dont have much money for hang out with my friends again- -. And i dont have any mood for doing something fun again- -. So for a few weeks i'm stuck on my house, waiting for something brandnew come (hohoho hopefully). Maybe the only fun thing for now is Fifa World Cup(but i need more than FIFA!). Then my ass is always adhering in the floor in front my sis's computer,yeah i'm desperate- -.


So today, when i having fun with my sis's computer, i watching around my sis's room, then i got aware that my sis's room have a lil fun-quirky things, espescially in the wall near the computer. So i tooke the pics!

Did you mention them?There's a horde of fun pics there! Attached at the wall near the compie.

Most of them is fashion spread from lula magz,frankie magz and N.E.E.T magz (my favorite magz too!). And there's my sis's draw, some pics from MoriGirl, a tiny pics from Vogue nippon's fashion spread and another random pics!

My favorite pic! From Lula magz.

Another favorite pic! From Vogue Nippon's fashion spread.

Wall-painting at the other wall.

So that's all! How bout my bedroom? I'll show ya later!


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