Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010


Hola there! Finally i posted something for my blog. I'm too busy with these highschool's regristration things. Yeah like i said before i gratuated from junior highschool, now i'm a highschool-er! Highschool-er? cool! wrong highschool? preekkkkkk - -"!

Yeah with my tiny NEM i can't go to my favorite highschool, i got a kick-out from my #1 and #2 selection highschools. So my first choice is SMUN 11 then SMUN 10 and the last choice is private highschool Muhammadiyah 2. I dont have to tell you more (too many sadness here huhuhu (lebay) ), the point is i got a kick outtttt, now i'm stuck on islamic private highschool Muhammadiyah 2, whics is out of my favorite highschool's list- -. I'm not ready to entering this school, excuse? First its a private highschool, second i dont have any skill on islamic's religion study (tapi gue rajin sholat lohh,wkwkwk ),i have to study moreeee about that subject in this school,third i'm upset i can get many friends here :(.

Okay okay, i know, its seems like i'm so selfish here, begging and crying for my own fault. I have to deserving the consequence, another lesson for my life.

Its the reality, lets pass that thorny way!

Okay, Gill.

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