Kamis, 09 September 2010

During This Ramadhan

Hola! Huahahaha, i didnt post anything during this ramadhan (sorry :D).
But actually there was many things that officialy changed my life, not whole of my life sih.
And i thought about 'lets spread them to my blog,it'll be a great story!' , but i cant tell it now, maybe later. Its all about friendship, full of drama, halah.

I remember someone's quotes that ' a lil crush on friendship, can ruins evrythings' and it was happen on me! Syittttt- -. I cant explean it well, it was complicated, i need more hours to arranging the perfect words to make it simple and clear!

Anyway tommorow we will celebrate Idul Fitri !!!! Yeahhhhhhh! There will be a lot of fun things here: yummy foods, new outfits, angpao(huahahaha $_$), long holiday and get on together with our big fammily and forgiving each other's fault!
And about the new outfits, i bought a green shirt, its too simple. I think its seems like millitary jacket (i will show it ASAP). Why i choose the simple outfit for this year? I dont know, i just got a lot of patterned shirt on my closet, maybe im boring with pattern, but in fact i will wear that shirt with my stripes t-shirt (huahahaha i love pattern).

By the way i found a great place for taking a picture on my house:

And my sister just bought me NYLON magz september issue! I really love NYLON, i got a lot of inspiring photoshoots there.

And i changed my twitter's name, not @ohayougill anymore:


Follow me i f you want hehehe.

Okay, Gill.

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