Jumat, 12 November 2010

I'd Like To Go Someday

Finally i met her again after a long time i couldnt see her big nose. During the eruption of Jogja's pride volcano, Merapi, we got a day off from school for the safety of the ashes that fell from Merapi (you have to see the ashes's rain, seemed we got a winter- -) ,it will make another respiration illness to us.

So i picked the profit of this day off, i went to mall with fara, and i treated her a lunch (yeahhh birthday's culture- -), and we did what we have to do: TAKE A PICTURE!
But i couldnt get much pictures cause we decided to made a (big) chit-chat, you know, its kinda reunion cause i really missed her :p.

Okay, Gill.

PS: I will make another photosession with her for celebreating my blog's first birthday, yey!

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