Sabtu, 16 Juli 2011


Finally, had a superb satnight with my partner in crime, Fara. We were having chocolate at little cafe somewhere around gejayan. Start at about 5 pm until 8.30 pm. That was great! We were talking about life ,the guys , girls ,schoolstuffs, stalking people on facebook, playing a telling fortunes by cards, met Ganindra Bimo (a model and ex-VJ Mtv) that made fara gone "arghhhhhh" (-_____-), and omegle-ing!

What i wore tonight:

found this second GAP shirt, it cost 15.000 rupiah! And that quirky denim, my cousin gave it for me, thats a second stuff too,cost about 60.000 rupiah! huohohoho.

Fara wore this awesome zara oxford boots *same pose as usual :

Okay, Gill.

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