Senin, 14 November 2011

Total Recall.

Well,actually, i thought more to posti something diffrent for my birthday, but i got no idea for it, then when i was re-reading NYLON magazine 10th birthday issue, i found the words, 'total recall'. Firstly, i get inspired from it to make such a recap of my pictures from this blog since 2009,the year where this blog was born, but i thought diffrent thing then. I was thinking,how about recycling my old style? Huahahaha sounds stupid, i actually dont want to label my self in that style, or this style, or my old style, this days style bla bla bla, but when i was checking my old pictures in my favorite outfits to wear back in the early of 2009, i just realized that, hey i still can wear this outfits in 2011! So basically,even its old, its not recycling but recalling,hehehe.
Nah,here is my first style i want to recall:

That's me when i was 14 years old (yeah you can laughing now - -"), taken in April 2009. The jacket and the plaid shirt are my Dad's. At that time i was falling in love with oversize outfits! The 90's was inspiring me like a lot, something grunge and layering and of course boots. You could see me walking in mall with oversize jacket, ripped jeans and boots at that time. But unfortunately, i cant wear that boots anymore :(, it doesnt fit in me now. My shoe size was about 41 or 42, and now my shoe size is 45 - -".

And here's me, now, 17 years old in November 2011 with my favorite 14 years old style ;p.

Whoaaa let's wear this style again to hang out huahahaha! This shirt is really,really, oversize for me, its like XXL probably - -", but i love it's color, its really suit in my jeans!

Okay, Gill.

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