Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Recently... graaaaaaa

Well, recently i..

1. Got a new haircut.
At the early of 2012, January 2nd, i officially had a new haircut!
I was confuse to pick a new style, it was like eqaxwiosjkdbwiefhslaq i'm stucked -__-.
So i just wanted to make it simple, short and fresh. Once, i asked Danang and Geiya to not make their hair into sort of spiky, but now, as you can see, i made it spiky -_______-.

2. Falling in love with NYLON US December 2011/January 2012 issue.
It's like healing my disapointed feeling with NYLON US recently, i mean, i dont feel any stronger sense of "NYLON" recently, i mean, i'm boring with the contents, the older NYLON are much much better for me, but when i bought the latest issue of NYLON, i'm soooooo happy, its cool! Espescially when you see the special photoshoot tribute t0 60's, itsssss greattttt! Yeahh i love it!

3. Meet a new friend, an exchange student from Australia.
Her name is Eliza, she's crazy, literally. Huahahahaha!

4. Found a new guilty pleasure, AKB48.
Well i dont really care about AKB48 at first but after i watched this CM:

I'm falling in love with the girls *_*, so i googling about it, and i found out that it's JKT48, an idol group that adopt an idol gorup from Japan called AKB48,and its official. I heard about AKB48 when i was 14 but i didnt really care about it at that time, so JKT48 is like an Indonesian sister of AKB48. They performed in Japan too! That's great! Then i curious about AKB48, googling it and i found their heavy rotation PV:

Huwowwww *_*!
At first i think, they just same like the other girlbands, but fortunately, they are not!
Wanna know the reason? Check out their older PV, and this one is epic:

Then i realized that they are better than the other girlband,but they arent a girlband! It's an idol group! i love their concept .
and yeah, i'm officially addict with heavy rotation song -___- .

Okay, Gill.

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