Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

Blend in Sand

"Blend in Sand"
Photographer and Stylist: Gilang Chandra
Model: Praninta Anandhani (Ditot) - Bella Antika Putri
Make up by Gustin Chandra
Thanks for Dika.

     Yesterday we did a photoshoot! We did this photoshoot right on Christmas holiday. It took a place in Parangkusuma,Yogyakarta, and you know whatt yesterday was superrrr hotttt!! The worst part is i forgot to bring something that could save us from a hot bright sun like umbrella or sunglasses -__-" Anyway,this time i put a different theme for my photoshoot, yes, color blocking! I'm not a kind of person that like to mix bright colors like yellow or pink, but i thought that i need something fresh for my blog, so i picked those colors and mix them up together. Well, the models also have a dark skin that really stunning if i give them such a bright neon colors hoahahaha.

Okay, Gill.

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