Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

White Tea

'White Tea'
Photographer and Stylist : Gilang Chandra.
Model: Bella Antika P. and Fachry El F.
Make up: Gita W.
  Holaaa everyone! it's 2013!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

  This is my very first post on this year! For the first time, i directed a photoshoot which feature a couple-theme inside hahaha,it seems like a wedding photoshoot right :p? Don't worry they are not a couple in real life. Bella was kinda shock when she knew out that her partner in this photoshoot is a guy hahahaha. By the way Fachry is my classmate, he sits beside me at class, actually he's a dumb person -__-", probably he looks soooo cool in this shoot, but in real life, there's no cool word for him :p.

FYI: Guess what who did the make up in this photoshoot? She is my Mom hahaha, thanks mom :p

Okay, Gill.

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