Minggu, 24 November 2013


Hey! I turned 19 on 3rd november!
And this blog has turned 4 in this month!
i can't believe that i strated blogging when i was in junior high school, and now i'm a college student!
what the hell, time flies really fast!
Well, the only wish for this birthday is, before i turn 20 on next year, i really wanna make something extraordinary..
like.. hmm..maybe make a real fashion spread in a magazine ?
amin ;)

got this alay collage from Fara -__-

got this book (INI MAKSUDNYA APA?) from anisa, palidya, hanif, pandhu and tita -__-

got this sweater from siti,dika,dinda, bella and pipip , thanks guys!

 and the rest of the random gifts -__-

people that came on my birthday pizza party, we were doing high fashion pose :))


Okay, Gill.

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