Jumat, 27 Desember 2013

Venus et Mars

'Venus et Mars'
Photographed and styled by Gilang Chandra H
MUA: Siti Hayyunas 
Model: M. Akib Aryou and Faradina Putri
Special Thanks: Tita and family.

Well, i did a photoshoot yesterday with Fara (it's been a long long time haha) and Akib the creative director and also designer of his label, BOADICEA (i was the photographer of it's very first campaign, check it here) this time I've done something that really different with the other photoshoots in this blog. 

Okay, sooo,  I made an androgyny themed for this one! It's something that out of my zone actually since I'm not really into androgyny's stuffs (but i'm a fan of Andrej Pejic!), but it all happened when Akib asked me to shoot him with kind of androgyny theme, and i was like "Well, should i do this?" i was worry cause i don't really like take a shoot of a boy that going solo on the photoshoot, but i remembered that i planned something like this before with Fara, i asked her once to do photoshoot with manly style, and i decided to put them together. 

Well, i was kind of enjoying the shoot cause there was Siti that made the atmosphere went crazy and totally fun, she drove us going LOL like almost every time hahaha, and also, thankss for Tita and her familly, maaf ya rumahnya direcokin pagi pagi hahaha. 

Anyway,i think it's a challenge for me in order to make something new and refreshing. Well here we go, Venus et Mars! By the way, I really appreciate it if you can give your comment or opinion or anything about my photoshoot by mention me on here :)



Okay, Gill.

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