Rabu, 06 Januari 2010


Yeaaaaa we went to the 'Siung' and 'Drini' beach in 'wonosari' few days ago! What a holiday! You guys must visit these place! AWESOME! It's better than 'Parangritis' beach, belive me! ;D.

He's my cousin from Jakarta,he spent his holiday here.

My another sister.
My lil' cousin from jakarta!
My sister (the left one) who took these photos (except this one,i took it for her ;D) .
Another lil' cousin, she's so cuteee > <. (Look at her pose, lol)
He wrote his girlfriend's name at the sand. Haha, so sweet :P.
And finally go home. Tired but fun.

Location: Siung and Drini beach,Wonosari,Yogyakarta.
Photoghraper: My sister, Utin Chandra (ciaopanic.blogspot.com)

Okay, Gill.

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