Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Living With Mr.Freeze

Hola there! Its Friday's afternoon and i'm alone at home- -. Anyway i changed my background's colour (and the font!) and my blog's name,yey! I'm desperate before i found something diffrent for my blog. White, black and grey will never die, its always hype even you live in 2100 ,lol. Suddenly i love grey, i dont know why, purple and blue was my favorite colour before, but now i feel like i saw grey in evrywhere. Grey its not boring at all.

And about my new blog's name, i think "freezing me" is abstract- -. Most of my friends are not understand the meaning of "freezing me" . Actually "freezing" is my alter ego, i always freezing when i got problem with my friend or with my family, or when i'm were on math's class. Its not like i'm freeze cause the weather is unormally cold, no! I mean i'm freezing cause i'm thinking about 'how can i got this problem or how can they mad at me' and i'm thinking about 'now i must go from this problem' or 'i must find the way to go from this problem'. And when i'm thingking about them its seems like i'm freezing (yeah its true!), i dont speak anythings or make a voice and i'm not winking for a few time. Yeah that's i mean about freezing. Weird huh? Lol.
So i changed my blog's name become "Living With Mr.Freeze". I live with my alter ego, Mr.Freeze. More obvious right? hehehehe.


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