Selasa, 20 April 2010

A Confession Of A Day Dreamer

Oh today was a rocks day! I was spend my sparetime in fara's house and we made a photoshoot, taken with her new DSLR camera :o, i'm so jealous- -. She wore my sister's vintage top, bought at second hand store, but still sophisticated, even Fara's mom borrowed it, she'll make a clothes with the same model like that. And she wore her mom's two tone wedges, i dont really care about the brand (actually i'm forgot the brand's name- -), but its cool right? We got some annoying things here, when i tooke her picture in the middle of photosession, there was two barking dogs near us, and its so noisy, bah i thought i'll throw something big into their heads haha no no juts kidding (i dont wanna be tortured by PETA! LOL) . Then another hell came, there was many kids ran away behind Fara, and i cant restrain them to stop running cause teir was soooo annoying. But overall today was a fun day :D.

Model: Fara.
Styling and Photography : me!
Make up and camera's owner (lol) : Fara!

Okay, Gill

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