Minggu, 04 April 2010

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Hey! Finally UAN was over! And this month is a free month! Okay, i'm sure i can get a great result in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Inggris, but i'm not sure with my Math! GRAAAAAAA! Calm, if we look the past, i did many things just for Math, i was practice (almost) everyday, its mean its impossible to get a great reult in Math, right? Yaa i hope i can get that. So how was my science? Its fine (insyaallah). Let's skip the UAN's things (its make me frustratedddd graaaaa) , ahh i was cut my hair! WOW!

I never cut my hair became like this one, what's the name of this style? Bah, i dont know. What do u think? A little bit fresh huh? Hehe

PS: Another stupid pose, err its stupid right? my lips looks like a duck? Too much questions, its seems like Rihanna's pose in her 'Rated R' album (- _ -") bahhhhhh stupid. Ohh another ' maksa pose' ngahahahaha.

Okay, Gill.

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