Kamis, 27 Mei 2010

Black Swan

Hey there, a few days ago i made a photosession (again!) with fara , the owner of far-a.blogspot.com. So actually i planned to made the style like katy perry's did in her 'thinking of you' music video, but there was such an annoying things happened, like i forgot the gloves and she forgot the make up, and the umbrella's color is brown! Bah there's many diffrent things between our style and katy perry's style sooo i changed the title become 'Black Swan' , hmm sounds familiar. Btw i love the result, its kinda paleee.

Directed and Photodraped by Gill.
Stylist Gill.
Model Fara.
Make up Fara.

For more pictures you can check on my Facebook.

Okay, Gill.

3 komentar:

  1. the outfit is really awesome!!! i've been wanting to have a photoshoot with this kindda of outfit!

  2. thankssss! that's my mom's outfits hehe.

  3. Nice pics! How do you say about having a photo shoot together?