Jumat, 14 Mei 2010

Quick News!

Just passed my national exam (UAN) !


But my mark its kinda disaster, especially the math, *wow its a big mark|* lol.

Okay here they are,
I got 9.40 in my English (Wow awesome!)
I got 8.85 in my Bahasa Indonesia (Great!)
I got 7.75 in my science (well its cool for me, i just got under 7.00 in another axam hoho)
I got *** in my math (okay i just got 6.00 - -, disaster!)

The point is i cant go to my favorite high school with this f*cking mark, huhuhu , when i saw my mark, i wanna cry there but i got my self rolled over in my room, i'm so stressed! And suddenly i got headchace then there was an ilness came into my head, i'm sick for a three days! Another disaster- -. But when i told this things to my Turkey's friend, she received with her own way, she said "But the important things are you passed the exam." She's true, how if i can't pass it like the other unlucky guys, i'll get a bigger disaster. And my another friend said "UAN dont rule your future!" Okay i got it :D.

Okay, Gill.

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