Sabtu, 07 Juli 2012

in the sun.

photographer and stylist : Gilang Chandra
model  : Faradina Putri

 Hola guys!
Huaaaa i'm so so soooo sorry for the two months hiatus! I'm so sorry :(. There were a lot of things to do in my school, like the final exam for 11th grade (and yeah now i'm going to 12th grade, it's too fast :o), the drama show for our school, and dancing for DBL competiton (yes i was dancing! HA!), and those things would not let me to touch my PC for blogging or at least post some pictures of our drama show, yeah i have to tell you guys that our class was making a super-awesome drama called 'Putri Salju' or Snow White :p, and i got the role for Prince :p huahahaha, so maybe in the next post i'll give you the photos . Talking about school, we're having our school-holiday right now and i wont waste my free-time to meet up with Fara (oh i really miss her) and having a photoshoot with her.

So, yesterday we did that! It was like an unplanned photoshoot, i just gave her my sister's dress (she designed it by herself), put her a random heels on her room, asked her to do some make up,went to a little garden near her house with an uber-cool sunset around it and taraaaaaa, its done! The sunset was really really great! So i fall in love with the result! I think this photoshoot made a better mood for Fara, cause for your informationnnn, she just broke up with a guy #ooopss, and yeah she's available now hahahaha, anda merasa diri anda pria? mampu menghadapi wanita garang ala miranda nya devil wears prada? nah anda cocok dengan wanita ini.

 PS: uohhhh ndeso banget saya liat tampilan blogspot yang baru hahaha.

Okay, Gill.

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