Senin, 25 Agustus 2014

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Photographed and Styled  by Gilang Chandra H
 Make Up, Hair Do and Hijab Do by Siti Hayyunas

Lola Zieta Azelien
Bella Antika Putri
Faradina Putri

Special thanks for Maharani Ayu Putri

Hey guys! First of all, Happy Eid Mubarak!
 Taqaballahu Minna Waminkum :)
I'm sooo happy right now, cause finally i put all of the holagill's girls together in one photoshoot hahaha.
 It was quite hard at first to gather all the girls cause they got their own schedule and i was a bit confuse what theme that i should make for them, i just wanna make something simple yet fresh. Recently, i'm really into instagram (follow me @gillchandra :p) , i upload picture like almost everyday, then i got a thing from that, i found out that # symbol is really representing our generation right now, people put # to make something hype. 

So i wanna make a photoshoot that shows a look which is representing nowdays girls with that hype style and urban atmosphere. I'm in love with the results, so proud of my girls (yes, including you, Siti!) ,I like the fact that we're like learning and improving everytime , you guys rock!
 Big thanks for Siti and Putri for lending me some stuffs for this shoot!








Okay, Gill.

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