Selasa, 30 September 2014

Come As You Are

'Come As You Are'

Photographed and Styled by Gilang Chandra H.
Muse : Giffachry Bani .
Grooming by Siti Hayyunas.
Body Painting by Yusuf Nugroho.

Oh finally i made a photoshoot with a guy as the main model hahaha. I told you before that i did not really like capture a solo guy photoshoot as my personal project but i think i was wrong :p. Yeah i admit that it's quite fun to explore new things and it's also a good way to improve. 

So a few days a go i made this shoot with Giffarchy Bani or Roby ( i dont know why he decided to put Roby as his nickname) , i actually worked with him before in Alley Photoshoot , but he was an extra at that time , i have to say that he was kinda stiff , it was really hard to direct him at first, but it's fine cause that was his very first photoshoot ever, and five months after that i asked him to make another project with me, this time, he will be the main model and gonna go solo, i thought he would kind of nervous or something but he's improving likeee crazy, i shocked that it was really easy to direct him. I dont know what he's been doing in these 5 months , well, Siti told me that she asked Roby to watch ANTM show , hahaha maybe it explains that,  but anyway, he really did a great job at this shoot, you can compare this shoot with Alley Photoshoot, he's totally different,  i think the camera starts to love him hahaha.

Ah, and this time i asked my classmate, Yusuf Nugroho or Ucup, to make this skeleton tatto around his hands and neck, if you're wondering what tools that we used ,well, just a black marker and drawing pen, he nailed that :p, once again thanks Ucup, and also thanks Binang for lending me your nike sneakers, you know that i love that sneakers.

About the title of this shoot, i put one of my favorite Nirvana's songs : Come As You Are, i don't know this song was running around my head during the shoot, and i think it fits with the atmosphere.
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Okay, Gill.

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  1. gilang, ini bagus... auranya roby beda dari yang pertama dulu
    rikues foto si em dong :p