Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

turn it off

photographer and stylist : Gilang Chandra
model: (from left) Danang Arif Rahmanda - Putri Permata - Geiya Wihanadiepta Poetra
make up: Gustin Chandra
special thanks: Dita, Dika and Bella.

As i told you before, i make sucha photoshoot project with my firends, and here is the second photoshoot, i called it 'turn it off'.

For you guys that declared yourself as a parawhore B), you will get with these words, yeah its one of Paramore's songs! Hmm, turn it off, three people, one girl, two guys... is it a tribute to paramore photoshoot? Nahhh, no! I didnt expect to make kind of oh-looks-like-paramore photoshoot, but yeah, they are like to go to the music studio (with me actually :p) and hit some instruments there, but they dont make a band at all, That's why it ends up like a tribute to paramore photoshoot,and that's why i picked 'turn it off',in fact, pipip is a parawhore and they like to covering paramore songs.

Okay, Gill.

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