Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Soldier Builder

I found this kind of oversized military shirt at owal awul, the most 'it' thrift clothes-store in the town right now. Well, i have to go there again cause i just found 3 outfits when i went there a week ago (this kind of military shirt is one of them), so i need more, i have to find something like blazer, oh, and diffrent-fabrics jacket, i dont really know what its called, but at the arm's part,basically, they choose diffrent fabric , for example they choose leather for the arm's part but the other part is,errr, what its called, flannel maybe? Aghhh, whatever its called, the point is there are two diffrent fabrics for a one jacket, or shirt. And, one of my friend, pipip, found it! She found baseball jacket, but at the arm's part, it's fabric is sweater, quirky!

Okay, Gill.

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