Senin, 26 Desember 2011

here comes belle

Photographer and Stylist: Gilang Chandra
Model: Bella Antika Putri
Make Up: Gustin Chandra
Special Thanks: Dika and Danang

Yeahh finally i did it! Finally, i could put something to her! Huahahahaha.
Yeah as i said before, i was planning to make a photoshoot project with my schoolmates. I know they are not models or model-oriented people, but i want to make them seems different here, i want to proof you guys that ordinary people like us can be awesome like people you see on the magazines. Yeah we are AWESOMEEE!
The photoshoot on this project is reflecting the character of each model (or my schoolmates :p) so even they wearing make up and stuffs,they still the same, but in cooler way :p.

So, this project is started by Bella. Bella is not feminime at all on her style, i mean, she doesnt put make up when she's going to mall or wearing high-heel (but lately she'd like to wearing wedges), so this might be something new for her. By the way, the top that she wore is the same top like Fara wore on my old photoshoot (you can check it "confession of day dreamer" ),why i choosed this one? Cause this top is relfecting a mature woman, and i know that Bella is just a girl that looking her own way to be a women, that's why i picked ripped jeans for her, cause its rebel just like her. Its like a rebel girl that looking her way to be a mature woman. Cause i know that actually bella really wants to be a real woman hahahaha. Okay, it doesnt mean that she's a guy yet but woman here means, someone that could face the problems and know the right way to solve it instead running from the reality and making a fake world. So i hope, Bella can do it!

Well, i'll make the other photoshoot, soon!

PS: Bell, stop yelling "TOLOL, KONYOL!" and stuffs, that's really annoying -___-"

Okay, Gill.

4 komentar:

  1. Hai Gilang :D

    Saya suka photoshoot-nya si Bella ini =)) hahahahah, iya sih ya, selama ini dia gak begitu kelihatan feminis di mata saya. Tapi.. wow, pas lihat ini, impresi saya kayak langsung lain :D Ini keren, lho.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, ya ;)

  2. wahh thank you :)
    iya ini rada susah nge "permak" si bella nya hahahaha. Tujuan photoshootnya kan bikin orang pangling kalo ini si bella, allhamdulilah sukses ;p.
    once again, thanks :)

  3. Hello, there, Gill...

    I just come by here because I really am have this curiousity of seeing this photoshot which I have stalked from Bella's twitter status yesterday (yeah, be proud of beaing stalker, Gill, why not? LOL). All I can say is.. I like you concept especially the black n white photos. They look awesome. And Bella here just look a lot like Evita Nuh, you know.. that little famous fashion blogger. Not that I want to compare her with yours but I know you can do it better and better. I like fashion blogs like this so I guess I'm going to stalk your blog from now on. LOL. Keep it up, Gill.

    Can't wait for the next photoshoot. xx

  4. hey Dian!

    Whoaa that's a honor for me, and Evita Nuh, i think she's better than me, much, much, better! Yeah, i should learn more about photography,so i'm not that good, but thank you,thanks that you want to appreciate that :)

    Stalking is your activity too? Good! :p
    Iya next photoshootnya insyaallah besok ini, doakan aja semoga lancar.
    Once again, thank you :)