Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

g i t a


Inallilahi wa inallilahi Raji'un
My Mom passed away on the last December due of the breast cancer. She's been struggling against this cancer for almost 14years. Mom you were really strong.

I would never-ever think that she would leave this fast. That was like a twist ending for my coming-of-age chapter of my life. When i finally turned 20, when i finally can start to be a mature person , when i finally can make a move to prove her that i can make her proud, she's suddenly gone at my start line. To be honest, this is too fast for me, i always think that i haven't make her proud yet, i used to share and tell my dreams to her, my dream to study aboard, my dream job to be an editor in chief of an art magazine and promise her to buy a lot of things that she loves one day when i reach those dreams. I remember her face when we talked about those dreams, she has that faith for me. I'm sure she understands what i really want, she knows my passion, she believes that i can reach them. 

Thank you Mom for everything. I know it's gonna be hard for me to live my life without you. But at the same time i also know that you're happy in there, 'cause i believe this is the best way for everyone, everything happens for a reason. I will work extra hard to reach those dreams once we talked. I don't want to lose your faith. I love you Mom :)

This is the tribute photo shoot for my Mom. The outfits , the flowers, the tone, the make up, everything are representing my Mom. Flowers means beauty in here, she loves everything beauty and just like the way she looks. Once she asked me to make a photo shoot with lovely colors that not really gloomy and dark, and yes, now i made this specially for you Mom :)

'g  i  t  a'
Photographed and Styled by Gilang Chandra.
Make up bu Siti Hayyunas
Muse : Bella Antika Putri.

Okay, Gill.

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  1. Nice banget gill, tar ajak si Bella tuh kalau mau ke Bandung lagi haha

  2. nice story and shoots gill :)