Selasa, 24 Februari 2015


photographed and styled by Gilang Chandra
muse : M. Akib Aryou
special thanks : Swastati Dipta and Arivina Risa

In the early of this month i make a photoshoot with Akib for the second time. He actually asked me a few months ago that since his hair is already grown, he wants to capture this moment and he let me to concept the shoot whatever i want. Since in the last shoot i made him full of make up , this thime i wanna show his natural and pure side but still in adrogyny mood. 

The concept itself is about hope just like the title. There are two contrast tone colours shown in this shoot, the low saturation-monochrome tone and the high saturation green tone. The low one is representing something that about to fade as you can see with his gloomy expression , and the green leaf with high saturation tone is symbolising a hope. From this photoshoot i wanna say that when something seems to fade you need to hold a hope in yourself to make everything balance, don't lose your faith, believe in something that keeps your hope still there and go along with you.



Okay, Gill.

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