Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

The Route

 The Route
Photographed by Gilang Chandra
Make up by Siti Hayyunas
Muse and Stylist : Johan Alfredsson
Special thanks : Noor Binang

Well, i'm so so so so sorry for neglecting this blog for about 4 months! What a long hiatus zzzz
Well i'm gonna explain the reason why i did not post everything recently on the next post, now let me tell you something about this photoshoot.

So, this is Johan, i met him on the set of BOADICEA lookbook photoshoot, he's an exchange college student from Sweden, the BOADICEA team  found him and asked him to be the model of the shoot. That was a really great experience cause he's the very first foreigner that i shot.

After the shoot we talked and finally we agreed to make a photoshot again, but he's gonna style himself for the photoshoot. You should know that he has a really strong personal style that i really amaze from him. What you see in this photoshoot is really describing his personal style which i think like vintage-preppy- and very gentlemen-ish, i really adore his outfits. Ah, and all the suits in this photoshoot he designed them by himself!

The story of this photoshoot is about a guy that traveled but lost in the kind of highroad hahaha, the reason why he lost probably because his car is out of gas or something, i was actually really need a vintage car for the prop of this shoot but hell i cant find one that possible for me. Actually the monochrome pictures are not really get along with the whole shoot but i really love them so i made them as the extras hahaha.

To be honest i really want to print this shoot and bind them like a book and give it to him as gift since i know he would leave Indonesia in weeks, but too bad i was to busy to make it happen and unfortunately he's already gone to Sweden. Well, thank you Johan for your time, i hope we can meet on the other time, it's really nice to meet you :)




Okay, Gill.

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