Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Fallen Water

So, i told that last weekend i got a lot of activites right? Nah, the next sunday i had a school's trip to waduk gajah mungkur and tawangmangu. But, we got a little shit there.
There was two bus for 3 classes (10A,10B and 10C, i'm on 10C here), the first 15 students from each classes went by Bus A and the rest 15 from each classes went by the Bus B.
I was on bus A.
Unfortunately A here mean Asshole, hahahaha.

Cause, after a few hours trip, something wrong happened with one of the bus's wheels, i didnt really know what was wrong with it, but it made the bus stopped suddenly. Then we were smelling something like gas so we've decided to went out from the bus.
My teacher said that we have to waiting while the bus is repairing by the driver.
Hell no, it was a long "wasting" time, the other students from the Bus B texted me that they've arrived at waduk gajah mungkur. - -".
After two hours waited,my teacher asked someone to send us another bus cause this bus was gettin worse, than after we ate our lunch, the rescue bus came, ahhh finally- -.
You know what? The other guys from Bus B left the waduk gajah mungkur to go to the next trip, tawangmangu. Oh shit, we missed one place cause this hell bus (T T).

So we didnt go to the waduk gajah mungkur and went to tawangmangu.
It's sucha nice trip at the first, but, when we almost there, something made this bus stopped! What the- -. So we were waiting when the bus is repairing by the driver, again.
And, the other guys from Bus B was waiting us at tawangmangu - -.
But after maybe 30minutes the Bus was gettin better than we went again!
And finally we arrived, arghhh the place is fuckin awesome! Its my first experience tooke a picture under the waterfall!

Ahh and the holiday,starting, now!!

PS: I didnt go to KICKFEST PARADE this year huhuhu.

Okay, Gill.

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