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These exam's things make me fucking crazeh- -, my school's exam are running for about twoo weeks! WHATAHELL!
And the creepy things here are Math and Science- -. Hope they will be okay huhuhu.
Btw i havent talk about my Senior high school's life here, its too fun, better than my junior highs school!
I will talk it later.

So, i think, there's some (a LOT actually- -) of things that i really wanted for a long time, like a new handphone, computer, laptop bla bla bla.
But there's some of i really need now:

New Footwear!!

Actually i just bought this classic hi-converse a few weeks ago, but i need more shoes, i need more boots!
I really want something like docmart, but docamart its too expensive here! Hope i will get something like that.

Polaroid's Film!!

What's polaroid's do if there's no film inside- -.
I dont know where i have to find it, someone said that they wasnt sell the Polaroid's film again, so we have to buy it via online maybee.
Ow syit- -.

More Photography Things!!

Just 4 alphabets with 1 word: DSLR CAMERA!

More Dudes More Nuts!!

Everyone knows that Fara is my bestbud now, yup she's totally moron huahahaha.
Its stupid if i recalling our first contact two years ago, at the first i saw her picture on the friendser, i was like "Damn cute!"
Then i was think that i fell in love with her so i texted my friend to get her phone number, but too bad some problems came and she was hate me ( and i hate her too i think)
So i erased all of her pictures that i stole from her facebook,and i dont care with her anymore, she's fat and got a big nose, but after a month, she texted me and asked about some of fashion blog's links, so i gave them to her.
And we just realized that we have a same passion, we like photography, art and fashion!
And finally i know the truth, she's def a nut! Huahahaha, and i think she's better for my partner in crime than partner in love cause you know she's a nut!!!
Even she uploaded our stupid lypsinc video on youtube- -.
Yeahh sounds fun but i need more bestbud, i had some bestbud on elemantary school but when we entered the junior high school, we missed each other, we never talk or meet up again.
I dont know, maybe he'd love to hang out with his new besfriends.
And im still didnt get a bestbud on junior hi-school until i met fara.
Bestfriends are difrent with all our ordinary friends, they know the truth of us, they know how we'd really love to,
they know how to make a laugh and going nuts together.

Magz Magz Magz!!

Magazine is my muse.
Some of my favorite magazines are Nylon and Nylon guys, Frankie, N.E.E.T, Lula, Spoon, Fruits etc.
But i'd love to read nylon recently, they always make an uber cool cover, especially Nylon mexico,their cover are really damn good! but they are too expensive here.
And on this December we will get our INDONESIAN NYLON and INDONESIAN NYLON GUYS on January 2011!
Hope Nylon Indonesia will brings the indie things here.
Cause most of Indonesian Magz are seems lookalike with each other, they are small (like teenvogue's size), full of Hollywood gossip's page and some magz had a monotone fashion spread.
And the worst, Indonesia is less about Teen Guys Magz, the famous here just maybe Hai magz.
Hope Nylon will bring somthing BIG!

L.O.V.E !!

Yes, i miss dating at the cinema with a girl :(.
Last time i did it when i was 14, she was my first girlfriend ever.
Actually she was totally my type, she's cute, smart, fearless and powerful.
We were love the same things, and we were love to did it together.
But its just not because she like the things that i like so we can belong together (sounds like 500days of summer- -).
Think it twice.
I'm still remember we went to cinema and watched twilight and i was like to hug her, im still remember the warmness and the way she closed her eyes at the scene that a vampire attacked bella on the ballet's studio.
We just did it for about more than 8 months.
She said " i like you" and she said " how about break-up? " too.
So, i never meet a girl that 'turn me on' again after her and Fara (but unfortunately fara didnt like me :p).
Some friends said that my type is too high (and some again said that imma geeks,girls hate geek,- - wtf) hahahaha.
Not really, im just love to dating a girl that independent, smart, simple and know how to looking good in front her boyfriend :P.
Probably its a lil bit hard to looking a girl like that - -.
That's all, hope i will get them! AMIN!

Okay, Gill.

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  1. camera polaroid nya keren! beli dimana? harganya sekitar brapa kalo boleh tau?