Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

The Weather Maker

Who the hell is Mr. Freeze?
I changed my Blog's name (after a year) from 'Living with Mr. Freeze' become 'The Weather Maker's Blog'.

Cause i just erased my alter ego, yup, Mr.Freeze was my alter ego before, the guy who always freezing when he get a trouble.
I think i dont wanna be that guy anymore, sounds like chicken, solved all the problems with freezing, absurd and stupid.
Freezing here means silent, like i said before, when i get a trouble i'd prefer to be silent, i dont want to crush it with angryness or emotion, just silent and wait.
That's why i wanna make my self as a guy with sucha fearless there, solve the problem without silent.

So whats that?
whats my new blog's name means?
Yup weather maker, hmm i thought for a long time for my blog's name, and it was too confusing, i have to make a name that simple but quirky and a lil bit fun.
Then i picked that weather maker.

First, i think that the weather is gettin hot, so that freezing guy is melted become a normal guy.
But how if the weather is unormally hot?
Its okay, cause imma Weather's Maker now, the weathers are under my control, huahahaha.
Okay thats stupid, i mean the weathers here are my moods, i'm not and dont wanna be an extreamly moody guy, so i have to make a "nice" mood at the "nice" time.

Moods are like weathers right?
When i'm happy the weather is sunny
When i'm sad the weather is cloudy
When i'm mad the weather is cloudy with a thunder.
When i'm mad but a lil bit happy and like about crying, the weather is err there's a cow's rain probably.

Well, that's all, and maybe i'd like to change the fonts too!
By the way, i told you that i will make a photosession with Fara right?
Yup i did it, but there was a problem crushed us.
Actually the place is awesome, we did it on the train's bridge (imagine, when there was a train came, we just like "RUNNNN!" and we jumped at the left side of the bidge,and there's just a lil place to stand, which is too creepy if we looked down - -).
But too bad, we did it too late, we didnt get the sunset, so its too dark (we did it at about 6.30 pm) when the outfits represented a cheerful things.
So maybe i will make it again, if u wanna see it, check on my Facebook.

And last, happy (late) birthday for my blog :D.
It's suppose to be on november 16 :p.
I just dont believe that i've write my blog for about a year! ARGHHH

So thanks for all guys who love to watch and read my blog.
Hope my blog is gettin better than before, amin!

Okay, Gill.

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